I am not a morning person, but got up at 0900, showered and then after a lovely cup of coffee from my dear husband, I got into the Subaru Forrester and headed to Scottsville for Retreat groceries. The Foodlion was fairly empty of shoppers when I arrived. I purchased 5 bags of pre-packaged salad, 4 Almond-milk yogurt cups, a 1/2 gallon of Almond milk, organic grapes, a bag of baby carrots, some coffee, liquid non-dairy creamer and some Zevia cola and root beer.

The drive to “The Porches” was much better than I thought it would be. The snowstorm the other day made travel difficult, but I took the River Road and it was pleasantly clear all the way. If I thought that I lived in the “sticks” this trip let me know there were greater sticks further out than where I lived. Still, the same river, railroad tracks and train run by and so I immediately feel like I’m home.

Trudy, the owner, met me as she was walking with her dog, and gave me a friendly greeting. Before I knew it, I had a tour of the communal kitchen and living room, bathroom and then my room on the 2nd floor, the Dove Room. It already had my name on the door! The refrigerator had ample space for me to store my food, Zevia and wine. Electric hot water kettle and a variety of ways to make coffee or tea abounded in a kitchen large enough to include a dining room table and a sofa!

I carried my bags up the steps and settled in. I was off track by 1 hour when I started writing at 2PM/14:00. Yoga breaks and stretches I kept on the hour. I have another 2 hours to go before I sleep. I’ve completed 3000 words, but moved my story along and so I’m very happy. May tomorrow bring even more joy to my brain and my fingertips!

Little Red Church across from the Pine Street to The Porches
The Backside of the Building which is really the “Entrance” to The Porches, facing South toward the River.
The Welcoming Muse
I am about to begin my Self-Made Writer Retreat!
Where I am writing . . .
Where I shall dream, or have luscious nightmares!–Mini-quilt (a muse brought from home) courtesy of quilt artist Dianne Buja.