It’s a Monday–which I am treating like a Sunday. Most every Monday my work begins with an onslaught of emails, meetings, mass communications and the like, but instead– today is my last morning at Porches Writing Retreat. See the first pic below with the view from the Dove Room writing desk. I’ll likely go out to the porch and sip my coffee for 15 minutes before I come back to start another round of writing and murder. Checkout here, I think, is at 11:00 but I will stay downstairs in the common rooms until mid-afternoon to make the most of my time if it’s okay with the owner/host.

This long weekend, I did not meet my goal of 20,000 words and I didn’t finish the book. I wrote 10,201 words and read my entire work instead. I discovered some wonderful things while I read and some shortcomings in the tale as well. Of course, I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t succeed in making my goal this time around but I still learned a lot in the process. I learned where I needed to fill in plot holes, and I found story inconsistencies and conflicting information. All in all, the story is firmer now and the language more engaging. Not having picked it up for a few weeks–when I went back and read what I’d written, I was happy to discover that I liked what I read. I don’t know about the rest of you who write but when you go back to read over your stories–do you sometimes wonder how in the world you came up with the things your wrote? For me–it was as if someone else had written those words on the cyber-pages. And this time, it was a good thing. Now, a writer can never truly be objective about her/his own work, but I think time away from a piece can help open the writer’s eyes when it comes to their flow, tone, character development and their journey. The up-side to this failure is that I will be back to Porches in two weeks for an even longer weekend–longer by a day. I’ll set my sights on finishing the novel and hopefully come away with a final (full) first draft. Once that’s done, I’ll review it again and then send it to my wonderful editor, Broos Campbell, who will pick it apart and make it bleed. I can hardly wait. 🙂

Odd Medical Science can be found on this page if you’re dying to find some medical tidbits of interest that will galvanize your writing day. From a woman allergic to her lovers sperm because he eats Brazil nuts to discovering the most painful places to have a bee sting you (and ladies, he didn’t use women for his experiment but I’m personally satisfied with what he discovered and don’t need to go any further, thank you). And for a little extra interest, you can read about how this woman cries tears of blood during her menstrual cycle–true story–and wait till you find out why! Make sure you read a little further by clicking on the linked word haemolacria to find out if it happens to men as well and whether it means you are most certainly making the “final exit” or if this can happen even when you get punched in the nose.

Finally, keep a weather eye out for future posts and updates. One thing is for certain, I am consistent about being inconsistent and my thoughts, findings and promotions of interesting things that cross my path are never the same. I find people fascinating although I’m uncomfortable in crowds. I find life amusing and tragic at the same time and both cry and laugh with friends and with people I don’t even know.

Other writers I’ve run into here have asked me to describe my “genre.” I struggle with that and I’m sure that many of my fellow writers do as well. I’m a horror writer most often because for some reason creepy and bizarre stories just pour out of my fingertips, but I also dabble in sci-fi, fantasy and non-fiction–poetry–a little of everything. Maybe my “genre” is the Querus genre because often my tales are mixed with a combination of horrid creatures, odd science, backwoods country culture and just “weird” things. Ah well-anyway–the clock is ticking and I need to free up this room for the next writer. Time to pack and move out–but I shall likely sit on the porch large sunny porch for a couple more hours and write until I feel it is time to go home or until my characters kick me out and tell me to “give it a rest.” Until next time, my friends~

Querusly yours,

Dr. Q.

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