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Finishing and Beginning

This will be a long weekend and I won't post this until I'm done with it. One--- I intend to work until I drop--to get a first draft completed of Necrow no matter what. To hell with opening a vein.... Continue Reading →

Failure and Reflections

It's a Monday--which I am treating like a Sunday. Most every Monday my work begins with an onslaught of emails, meetings, mass communications and the like, but instead-- today is my last morning at Porches Writing Retreat. See the first... Continue Reading →

Back on the Swing

Goddess of Goblets My days are filled with my Muggle work, but every now and then I have scheduled a break-away to the Porches Writer Retreat. Tomorrow and Sunday I'm setting my sights on finishing my novel. I haven't touched... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Porches But A Return is in Sight!

It was very hard to pack up this morning and leave my writing world but I left today feeling a sense of accomplishment and I made a promise to myself to return. Writer friends, I do encourage you to go... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 4

Today was the FINAL full day of my Independent Writer Retreat. I am happy to report that I achieved 1 goal! (see pic below). I reached my 80,000 word finish line! My novel is so much further along than when... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 3

Today, "3" is definitely a charm. I have not been sticking exactly to my planned schedule (I went to sleep at 02:00 AM last night/early morning). I stayed up late because this Retreat has been so successful for me that... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 2

This is day two of my 4 full day independent writing retreat at The Porches: If you are looking for, can't find, and are wondering what happened to "Day 1" of my Writer Novel Retreat, I could be quippy... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat: Arrival Day

I am not a morning person, but got up at 0900, showered and then after a lovely cup of coffee from my dear husband, I got into the Subaru Forrester and headed to Scottsville for Retreat groceries. The Foodlion was... Continue Reading →

4 Day Novel Writer Retreat Plan

*Daily commitments: Internet access and phone message check no more than 1 hour each day.Yoga every day (intermittently)Fresh salad, vegetarian protein and vegan protein shake every day32 oz of water every dayGreen or Oolong tea to sip (while writing) with... Continue Reading →

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